Bill Smoot                                                                
Conversations with Great Teachers

Indiana University Press

     In the spirit of Studs Terkel's 
Working, Bill Smoot interviews master teachers in fields ranging from K–12 and higher education to the arts, trades and professions, sports, and politics. The result suggests a dinner party where the most fascinating teachers in America discuss how they teach and what teaching means to them. 
     What is it that passes between great teachers and their students to make learning happen? What are the keys to teaching the joys of literature, the techniques of brain surgery, or how to survive one's first year in the U.S. Congress? In these interviews, great teachers reflect on teaching acting, alligator wrestling, exotic dancing, playing the infield, making pastries, carpentry, circus arts, politics, high school math and college philosophy. They--and their words--are inspiring, fascinating, passionate, and wise.

"I have spent most of my adult life talking to great teachers. Every one of those interviews has been a delight. Read this fine book and you can get the same thrill." —Jay Mathews, Washington Post education columnist
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