Dessert Please! Climax In A Restaurant

Jess was super excited about the weekend ahead. She could barely concentrate on her work Friday. When the end of the day finally came, she dashed to clock out and head home. She wanted everything to be just right for tomorrow night. Justin, Tony, Wendie, John, and Louise would all be arriving in the morning for their yearly visit. This year everyone was meeting for dinner at her house, and she wanted everything to be perfect!

Jess had to admit things felt a little different about this year’s get-together now that she and Danny had broken up. After being together for three years and attending every one of the mini-reunions together, it was going to feel strange being alone. Everyone had already been notified of their split though, so at least there wouldn’t be tons of questions or sympathetic looks. These were her friends and she would be able to relax and enjoy herself with them.

Saturday morning everyone arrived and Jess was more than ready for the company and for a fun day of activities. After checking in at their hotels, everyone met at her house, giddy as a bunch of kids, and set off for a day of swimming, sightseeing, and then back here for a delicious dinner Jess was having catered by one of the best restaurants in town.

When the day’s festivities were done, everyone was more than ready for a good meal and a few drinks. As they sat down to dinner, Tony made it a point to sit next to Jess. She smiled. Tony had always been her secret crush. all the way back to high school and through college. Tony was drop-dead gorgeous. Jess knew she would never have a chance with him, but a girl could dream. Or fantasize, she thought and felt her cheeks get warm. Jess thought of the times she had fantasized that Danny was actually Tony when they were in bed together. She glanced at Tony and found he was looking at her and smiling almost as if he could read her thoughts. She quickly looked away.

Dinner was amazing, and dessert was a decadent berry cheesecake. As they all enjoyed their cheesecake and wine, Jess suddenly felt fingers stroking her thigh under the table. She froze. The fingers stroked gently but insistently, moving higher and higher under her skirt. She glanced at Tony. He appeared to be totally engrossed in the conversation with the others, all the while moving his fingers to the edge of her white lace panties, moving them aside. Before she could catch her breath his finger slid inside her, and she realized how wet she had been from her earlier daydreams about him. His finger moved slowly inside her, then slid out to stroke her clit. She nearly dropped her fork. She was very glad no one was trying to involve her in the conversation at the moment.

Tony’s fingers kept stroking until she felt herself ready to explode. She didn’t know what she would do if she came right here at the dinner table. She would not be able to hide her reaction. Suddenly the fingers were gone and Tony was saying something to her. She looked at him and he smiled wickedly, repeating, “Jess, dinner was amazing. I think dessert is my favorite part though.” And with that, he lifted his hand from beneath the table, ran his fingers across the berry sauce on the plate – the same fingers he had just had in her panties and in her pussy – and slowly put them in his mouth, licking the berry sauce (and her own juices) and wrapping his tongue sensually around each fingertip so that he didn’t miss a drop. Jess felt faint with desire. No one else noticed a thing as they were all still engrossed in their conversation. Tony smiled wickedly at her and licked his lips. Then he rejoined the conversation as though he had never left it.

Soon everyone began to prepare to leave. Hugs and kisses were exchanged all around as everyone headed off to their hotels. Tony was the last to say goodbye. He hugged Jess, gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek, and then whispered in her ear, “I’ve wanted to do that for years. I’m glad you got rid of that loser. I’m already looking forward to next year.” Jess couldn’t speak. Tony walked out the door, leaving her with fantasies that had become reality in the most insane way possible.

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